Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pearl Jam - Live on 3 Legs Vol 2: North America Leg 1

Track List:

Side A

Long Road (Virginia Beach 2000-08-03)
Interstellar Overdrive (Indianapolis 2000-08-18)
Corduroy (Indianapolis 2000-08-18)
Grievance (Saratoga 2000-08-27)
In My Tree (Saratoga 2000-08-27)
Nothing As It Seems (Indianapolis 2000-08-18)
Improv (West Palm Beach 2000-08-09)
Even Flow (Philadelphia 2000-09-01)
Daughter (Virginia Beach 2000-08-03)
Untitled (Philadelphia 2000-09-02)
MFC (Philadelphia 2000-09-02)
I Am A Patriot (Boston 2000-08-29)
Breath (Philadelphia 2000-09-01)
Wishlist (Washington DC 2000-09-04)
Soldier Of Love (Cincinnati 2000-08-20)
Improv (Charlotte 2000-08-04)
Leaving Here (Washington DC 2000-09-04)

Side B

Oceans (West Palm Beach 2000-08-09)
Animal (Boston 2000-08-30)
Spin the Black Circle (Saratoga 2000-08-27)
Tremor Christ (Tampa 2000-08-12)
Faithfull (Jones Beach 2000-08-23)
Rival (New Orleans 2000-08-14)
Small Town (Philadelphia 2000-09-01)
Improv (Boston 2000-08-30)
Evacuation (Boston 2000-08-30)
Present Tense (Charlotte 2000-08-04)
Throw Your Arms Around Me (Indianapolis 2000-08-18)
Wash (Pittsburgh 2000-09-05)
Leatherman (Pittsburgh 2000-09-05)
I Got You (Pittsburgh 2000-09-05)
Yellow Ledbetter (Virginia Beach 2000-08-03)
Daughter Tag Mix (NA):
---- WMA (West Palm Beach 2000-08-10)
---- Improv (San Bernardino 2000-10-28)
---- Don't Be Shy (San Bernardino 2000-10-28)
---- The Wrong Child (Nashville 2000-08-17)
---- Androgynous Mind (Tampa 2000-08-12)
---- Beautiful Way (Los Angeles 2000-10-24)
---- Beginning To See The Light (Saratoga 2000-08-27)
---- Improv (Sacramento 2000-10-30)
---- Improv (Lubbock 2000-10-18)
---- Bull In The Heather (Seattle 2000-11-05)
---- Improv (Boise 2000-11-03)
---- It's OK (Jones Beach 2000-08-24)

Live on 3 Legs Vol 2: North America Leg 1

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  1. ridleybradout

    "After overdosing on 2008-2010 boots early last year, I decided to go back and finally listen to every show from the illustrious 2000 tour, start to finish. I started making a shortlist of standout versions of songs, and it eventually developed into this - LIVE ON 3 LEGS.

    Special thanks to JWB who has had a go at remastering the Europe discs to bring the sound quality closer into line with the near flawless NA legs (you can actually hear Jeff!). I've also posted an original untouched version of the Europe discs for the purists.

    As for the artwork – I will be releasing the full version once all the discs are up so as not to give away the song selections. If you feel inclined to make hardcopies of this set, I highly recommend shooting an email to Kufala to order some blank 2CD chipboard covers (only $1 each) to house the discs, and then print the labels. However, I will be posting a jewel case version of the artwork also.

    Needless to say this took a lot of work so I’m really glad it’s finally complete – hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it!"