Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pearl Jam - Friends At High Tide

Track List:

Disc 1

Of The Girl (Brisbane 2003-02-09)
Can't Keep (Melbourne 2003-02-20)
Go (Melbourne 2003-02-18)
Last Exit (Sydney 2003-02-13)
Grievance (Sydney 2003-02-11)
Help Help (Adelaide 2003-02-16)
Ghost (Brisbane 2003-02-09)
Cropduster (Sydney 2003-02-14)
Dissident (Melbourne 2003-02-20)
Nothing As It Seems (Melbourne 2003-02-19)
Even Flow (Melbourne 2003-02-20)
Love Boat Captain (Brisbane 2003-02-09)
I Am Mine (Sydney 2003-02-13)
Habit (Sydney 2003-02-13)
Light Years (Melbourne 2003-02-19)
Off He Goes (Sydney 2003-02-13)
Porch (Melbourne 2003-02-20)

Disc 2

Bu$hleaguer (Adelaide 2003-02-16)
You Are (Brisbane 2003-02-09)
Daughter (Brisbane 2003-02-08)
Give Peace A Chance (Adelaide 2003-02-16)
Rival (Melbourne 2003-02-20)
Lukin (Brisbane 2003-02-09)
Not For You (Brisbane 2003-02-09)
Wishlist (Perth 2003-02-23)
Half Full (Perth 2003-02-23)
Crazy Mary (Perth 2003-02-23)
The Kids Are Alright (Brisbane 2003-02-08)
Breath (Melbourne 2003-02-20)
Footsteps (Melbourne 2003-02-20)
Do The Evolution (Brisbane 2003-02-09)
Small Town (Brisbane 2003-02-09)
F*ckin' Up (Melbourne 2003-02-19)

Friends At High Tide - 2003 Australian Tour Compilation

Alt. Link I

Alt. Link II

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  1. Once again here is another excellent Compilation that I found on the Red Mosquito Forum. This one is done by Brad who goes by the name "ridleybradout". It covers the 2003 Australian Tour and sounds amazing. Brad did an excellent job at piecing this together to make it sound like one seamless show.