Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pearl Jam - Preternatural Other Plane

Track List:

Disc 1:

Long Road (Melbourne 2006-11-16)
Animal (Melbourne 2006-11-13)
Hail, Hail (Sydney 2006-11-08)
Severed Hand (Melbourne 2006-11-13)
Gods' Dice (Adelaide 2006-11-21)
Once (Adelaide 2006-11-21)
World Wide Suicide (Adelaide 2006-11-22)
Faithfull (Brisbane 2006-11-10)
Unemployable (Newcastle 2006-11-19)
Alone (Newcastle 2006-11-19)
Immortality (Adelaide 2006-11-21)
State Of Love And Trust (Adelaide 2006-11-21)
In Hiding (Perth 2006-11-26)
Parachutes (Brisbane 2006-11-10)
Marker In The Sand (Brisbane 2006-11-10)
Sad (Melbourne 2006-11-16)
Present Tense (Melbourne 2006-11-16)
Green Disease (Sydney 2006-11-18)
Insignificance (Brisbane 2006-11-10)
Jeremy (Brisbane 2006-11-10)
Spin The Black Circle (Melbourne 2006-11-13)

Disc 2:

Better Man (Sydney 2006-11-18)
Why Go (Adelaide 2006-11-21)
Man Of The Hour (Adelaide 2006-11-21)
Masters Of War (Newcastle 2006-11-19)
Comatose (Melbourne 2006-11-16)
Rearviewmirror (Perth 2006-11-26)
Picture In A Frame (Brisbane 2006-11-11)
Inside Job (Melbourne 2006-11-13)
Crown Of Thorns (Newcastle 2006-11-19)
Black (Melbourne 2006-11-13)
Alive (Melbourne 2006-11-14)
Wasted Reprise (Melbourne 2006-11-16)
Life Wasted (Melbourne 2006-11-16)
Undone (Newcastle 2006-11-19)
Throw Your Hatred Down (Sydney 2006-11-07)
Leash (Melbourne 2006-11-14)
Baba O'Riley (Adelaide 2006-11-21)

Preternatural Other Plane

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  1. Here is another excellent Compilation that I found on the Red Mosquito Forum. This one is done by Brad who goes by the name "ridleybradout". It covers the 2006 Australian Tour and sounds amazing. Brad did an excellent job at piecing this together to make it sound like one seamless show.


  2. This one would be nice to get again on Mediafire.
    I'm just starting to get into compilations :-)

  3. yes please to a re-upload on this one and Gems & Rhinestones!

    Brad's compilations are superb.

  4. Hi Dan,
    thanks for this compilation. It is excellent. Can you re-post the first disc. For some reason, I could not open it after downloading.


  5. Hi again,
    I just realized that what downloaded as part two has songs from both part one and part two, but does not completely have both. Thanks