Monday, December 12, 2011

Pearl Jam - (Mostly) Acoustic

Track List:

Disc 1:

Walking The Cow (BSB 10-1-94 Audience Recording)
Long Road (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Wash (BSB 10-2-94 Audience Recording)
Around The Bend (BSB 10-22-06 Audience Recording)
Footsteps (BSB 10-31-99 Nothing As It Seems Import Single)
Of The Girl (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Low Light (Bennaroya Hall)
Can't Keep (Bennaroya Hall)
Black (MTV Unplugged)
Betterman (BSB 10-31-99 Nothing As It Seems Import Single)
All Or None (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Nothing As It Seems (10-31-99 iTunes Bridge School Collection)
Immortality (BSB 10-2-94 Audience Recording)
Parachutes (BSB 10-21-06 Audience Recording)
Masters Of War (1992 Bob Dylan Tribute)
Oceans (MTV Unplugged)
Daughter (BSB 10-1-94 Audience Recording)
Corduroy (BSB 96 iTunes Bridge School Collection)

Disc 2:

Bee Girl (Rockline 1993 from Lost Dogs Demos...unmastered)
Let Me Sleep (PJ20 Soundtrack)
Angel (BSB 11-1-92 Audience Recording)
Nothingman (10-19-96 Bridge School Concerts Volume 1 CD)
Off He Goes (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Fatal (Bennaroya Hall)
All Those Yesterdays (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Drifting (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Last Soldier (BSB 01 - 2001 Christmas Single Vinyl Rip)
Thin Air (BSB 10-30-99 Soundboard Web Stream Rip)
Man Of The Hour (BSB 10-21-06 Audience Recording)
Sleight Of Hand (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Throw Your Hatred Down w/Neil Young (BSB 10-21-06 Audience Recording)
Picture In A Frame (BSB 10-21-06 Audience Recording)
Parting Ways (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Walk With Me (PJ20 Soundtrack)
Indifference (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Yellow Ledbetter (TFC 6-8-97)

(Mostly) Acoustic


  1. This is an amazing compilation that I found on the Red Mosquito Forum by "cutuphalfdead". Below is a brief description, enjoy:

    "A two disc compilation of the best (read: my favorite) Pearl Jam performances in (mostly) acoustic settings.

    Tracks taken from sources as listed (audience recordings taken from versions included in the Audio Archives), some level correction was done in Adobe Audition 3.0."

  2. Agreed. Nice post. Thank you man :)

    via @manundermoon1

  3. I'm the creator of this compilation. Glad to see it here. Who did the artwork? I love it!

  4. All in all pretty cool, but some unnecssary audience recordings. Most of the BSB stuff could've been replaced with SBDs from other shows (there are also SBDS around for 92, 94 and 96 BSBs)

  5. @Peter Clarke

    Thank you so much for the amazing compilation. You did a great job!

    I did the artwork for last night after listening to it. I am glad that you liked it.

    Thanks Again.

  6. Real thanks for you ,pearl jam the best...respect from South America

  7. anyway to upload this to a differnt sight ?..Wupload wont allow any downloading unless logged in as owner of the file ?

  8. hello from South America! link is down... could you fix it? THANKS