Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pearl Jam - Charlottesville, Virginia - October 29, 2013 (Source 2)


In My Tree
Why Go
Lightning Bolt
Mind Your Manners
I Am Mine
Swallowed Whole
Glorified G
The Fixer
The End
Thumbing My Way
Sleight Of Hand
Future Days
Given To Fly
Big Wave
State Of Love And Trust
Baba O'Riley
Little Wing

Source 2 - Charlottesville, Virginia (October 29, 2013)

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  1. **Audience Recorded Boot / Not Official Release**
    SQ = B+/B

    Taper: Bluntforcetrauma aka wave
    Lineage: Schoeps CCM41>tinybox>Edirol r-05
    Conversion: PB>Peak>24bit/96.0khz dithered>16bit/44.1khz>SBE>xact

    Artwork: Scott Herkes (

    Taper Notes:

    MY first return to my alma mater since graduating in 1990. 23 years since I have visited the lawn.

    Graduate of University of Virginia 1990. Then went on to medical college, but that is another decade. On with the show...

    We pick up episode 2 after The Baltimore show, which the next day we drove from to Charlottesville, where we settled in the day before the show.
    Now on to day of the show.
    After driving a short distance to the venue, we parked then gathering our things and headed to arena. Approximately about a mile away.
    As I was mingling in front of arena before entering, I was informed that The Ch'ville po po were following me, as I do have a watchful mule to be my eyes for such events. Maybe following me because i was doing some adjustments to my outfit.
    ...suspected i was bringing something into show--I went back to my car, put my " recording stuff" in the car then entered the arena right in front of them with NOTHING. Went to our seats- but i had kept 2 sets of tickets and scanned just one going in, so my " taper friendly" sidekick went back out of arena then re-packed Taper gear (because if they saw me again they might suspect something), so we go into arena separately, and entered the arena a second time using OUR SECOND set of tickets -using other ticket--just in the chance something like this would happen- she got me the taper gear by going back to car (ah yeah, the car is about a mile away parked) then coming in again and just within minutes I actually set up at my seat, (first time doing that)with my neighbors now knowing that i am recording and they were cool with it. So i was able to hit RECORD just in time right before PJ started. that is why i only recorded with one rig because i usually use 2 rigs, but like i stated my partner had to go back to the car to retrieve a set up and it was faster to pick up just one,thus using the Schoeps CCM41 for the Ch'ville show. There is another story for this Charlotte show. It is a hell of a story, and the fact we did Baltimore, Charlottesville, and charlotte traveling by Plane and car.
    Yeah. I had 2 pairs of hard tickets. I can sometimes assess what seat might be best, or in the case of Charlottesville I used the second set of tickets so bluntforcetraumamomma could then leave the arena get the taper gear-hide it- then re enter arena using the SECOND pair of tickets, this worked out so well, it makes for a great story. BFTmomma had to leave arena run a mile to get to the car parked then get back--just in time for me to set up at seat and hit RECORD.
    it is very expensive--but i guess I am addicted to recording. I really enjoy PJ and i always capture the shows i go to. I owe a heap of money now. BUT i can also relive every minute of the shows forever.