Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pearl Jam - Sponsored By No One

Track List:

Corduroy (Japan)
Tremor Christ (Japan)
Whipping (Japan)
I Got Id (Japan)
Last Exit (Taiwan)
Lukin (Taiwan)
Not For You (Phillippines)
Even Flow (Phillippines)
Animal (Sydney)
Go (Adelaide)
Release (Melbourne)
Blood (Sydney)
Happy Birthday, Jeff (Sydney)
The Needle and the Damage Done w/ Flea (Sydney)
Better Man (Adelaide)
Let My Love Open The Door (Perth)
Even Flow (Canberra)
Last Exit (Canberra)
Spin The Black Circle (Canberra)
Deep (Canberra)
NW Speech (Melbourne)
Porch (Melbourne/Brisbane)
New Zealand Jam/Improv
History Never Repeats w/ Split Enz (Auckland)
Throw Your Arms Around Me (Auckland)
I Got You w/Split Enz (Auckland)

Sponsored By No One (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


  1. DVD Audio Rip - Excellent Sound Quality

    Killer Documentation of the 1995 South Pacific Tour.

    Broken Into 2 Discs:

    Disc 1 = Japan/Taiwan/Philippines
    Disc 2 = Australia/New Zealand


  2. do you know where i could get a copy of this movie

  3. An upgrade of the 1995 movie was recently upped at demonoid

  4. Are you sure is it an upgrade. It looks like it is the version 1 of the DVD's

    There is a version 2 in JamRiver that it's almost an upgrade because of a Mode "Music Only"

    Of course any of this DVD are an upgrade regarding VCD version